GARNISH - EDIBLE FLOWERS: Butterfly Pea Flowers

GARNISH - EDIBLE FLOWERS: Butterfly Pea Flowers

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These amazing & vibrant colour-transforming Butterfly Pea Flowers are not only are they beautiful, but the nutritional profile of these flowers is very high in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory & immune-boosting properties.

Butterfly Pea Flowers add so many options to your drinks! Add the flowers to your glass as garnish or make ice cubes. You can make an infusion with gin (or your spirit of choice) or make a tea to add to your mocktail. You can also totally transform your Cocktail or Mocktail from a vibrant blue to magenta by adding tonic or lemon juice. 

Butterfly Pea Flowers have increased in popularity many distillers using to create vibrant coloured gins. These amazing flowers are native to Southeast Asia.

Total Weight: BLACK TINS 30 grams

Best Before: June 2025